Authorized Absence From Center

  • The Sign-Out/In Log is  another important part of your Program here. Indiscriminate wandering "window shopping/malling" is prohibited. We must be acre of your movements during all periods of time that y you are signed out of the facility. If you find it necessary to change your location, consult us by telephone prior to movement. There will be no multiple sign-out locations permitted unless approved by the Program Director or Case Manager.

      DO NOT leave the Center at any time unless your log has been dialed in properly and                   initialed by a staff member. You must sign in on the log immediately upon your return to the           Center, and have the entry initialed by an authorized staff member. It is your responsibility             to ensure that all information on your log is correct.

            → NOTE: All movements to retail stores, movies and restaurants require receipts from                                   purchases when returning to the Center.


  • In most cases, weekend passes for employed residents will begin following work on Friday and end on Sunday at 9:00 PM. Weekend pass requests must be filled out during weekly meetings with the Case Manager. All pass requests must be returned to your Case Manager no later than 12:00 noon on Wednesday. Pay stubs must be presented and subsistence collected before passes are approved. Approval for weekend passes are based on at least forty (40) hours of work, overall adjustment, behavior, approval of residence by a US Probation Officer, and successful progression through the level system.


  • While on pass from the facility you must carry a copy of your pass at all times to produce it to all law enforcement officers if stopped, and turn it in to staff immediately on return to the Center, if the resident's copy of the pass is not returned at the end of the pass, the resident will lose pass privileges for the following weekend.


  • Returning to the Center from pass is an important responsibility. Failure to return or unexcused lateness in returning will result in disciplinary action being taken.


  • No resident shall leave the Center without Center Staff being able to make telephone contact with him/her. Any time a resident is away from the Center, he/she must have a contact telephone number, he/she must contact the Center for approval of a new location. Any time a resident is out of contact for more than two (2) hours, he/she is in violation of Center Rules.


  • Pass and Home Confinement site telephone's must be free of, three way calling, call forwarding, caller ID block, answering machines, voice mail service and any other specialty services provided by the telephone company. Call waiting is allowed. A copy of the telephone bill for the approved resident must be submitted monthly, Case Managers will not ask for telephone bills, it is the responsibility of the resident. No cordless telephones are to be used at approved residence while on pass or Home Confinement. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action.


  • Pass site's, Home Confinement site's, and release plans cannot be with a fiancee, or girlfriend, unless the two of you lived together prior to incarceration or you have children together.


          →†’ North Carolina does not recognize common-law-marriages.