Electronic Devices


  • Residents are not allowed to use Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or any other internet social site.

Social Media



  • The use and/or possession of a cellular phone or page is prohibited unless it is for employment purposes. If a resident's employment requires the use of a cell phone or pager it must get prior approval from the Program Director and CCM. Upon the resident's return to the facility from work, the electronic device must be maintained at the monitor's station. Under no circumstance is the device to be taken into other areas of the facility. Any violations of this rule will result in disciplinary actions.


  • No laptops, ipods, ipads or Internet Hot Spots are allowed in the facility. Only basic Mp3 players are allowed.


  • You are not allowed to leave anything plugged into the outlets unattended. If you leave any items plugged in, unattended, it will be confiscated.