Financial Responsibility

  • Residents are not permitted to open charge accounts, receive, or co-sign loans, or enter into any contract without the approval of the Program Director. Residents may not lend or borrow money or credit from other residents or staff members.


  • The Bureau of Prisons requires that resident contribute to the cost of their residence through subsistence payments to the Cavalcorp, Ltd. Residential Re-Entry Center. The Center will collect 25% of each employed resident's gross weekly income, not to exceed the per diem rate, which will be computed upon presentation of your payroll stub, or acceptable proof of income. Failure to present pay stubs will result in disciplinary action.


  • When a resident receives their first paycheck, and a week of pay was held back, prior to your release this week must be paid before you are released. This can be done in two (2) ways. Thirty days prior to release payments toward your pro-rate must begin.


  • Payment of subsistence is to be in the form of a money order, and payment is to be rounded DOWN to the nearest whole dollar figure. * No change *  Correct amount will only be accepted.


  • A resident has two (2) business days from the time they receive their pay to make their subsistence payment or they may become subject to formal disciplinary action. If paid on Friday, subsistence is due on Monday.

      →†’ NOTE: If you receive an incident report for failure to pay subsistence within the                                             prescribed time period, you will be required to pay your subsistence on the same                               day you receive your pay.


  • Center Director approval is required prior to entering into any contract.


  • A saving account should be opened as soon as possible after arrival. No more than $50.00 in cash is allowed in a resident's possession without approval of Case Manager/Director. An active and growing savings account is required to advance through the level system.             (Ex. Obtain Overnight Passes/Home Confinement)